02 / 01 / 19

Happy New year once again guys! 👻

During the last few weeks of 2018 I tried so hard for my project to be “over” in 2018. Who remembers what I termed “over” as?🤔 (don’t bother if you can’t, I know y’all have a lot you’re thinking about, click here to check my Christmas day post ).

“Over” meant that my project was going to be ready for submission to supervisor for corrections.

Well as it is now, project is not over😷. I’m kinda stuck again 🤦🏻‍♀ and far behind expectations. My fear really is that if the strike is called off and I’m not done with project, that will be serious trouble for me. No excuse no matter how sincere will be valid to anyone.

So I called a “project expert” today to fix an appointment with him. Hopefully this should be light at the end of the tunnel….. Even though I can’t see it.

One attitude I’m really trying to adopt is the “seek for help” attitude and dropping my old “do it all by myself” attitude that has given me heartaches, headaches and sometimes body aches🤕.

I hope you also learn if you’re like the “old” me.

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