08 / 01 / 19

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Today was tedious… and yeah! my prayers were answered

Not all actually

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So my supervisor responded to my work the same day – that is not regular at all – so prayers 1, 2 & 3 were answered ✔️

But then, corrections came in crazy

Saw the mail around 7pm, straight way called project expert to fix an appointment so with him to assist me with the corrections….. (I’m really getting along well with this new “asking for help” attitude).

This Morning, project expert and I started work at 6:00am. We had a few technical glitches – had to uninstall and install epi info again, had to reformat excel sheet etc 😓😪. We worked and he put me through the work and corrections till 10:00am.

Eni eleni – he has to go about his own daily activities too, so he left me to finish the rest. Didn’t finish till few minutes to 2pm🤕
Unbelievable yeah? After all, it’s just corrections.
I didn’t believe it too.
Sent the corrected work at 2pm for review and to hopefully get an approval.

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