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So someone told me that she did her project chapter 5 (discussion) conclusion and recommendation in 2hours. The sound of that gave me so much joy….. That there is ever a chapter that I don’t have to spend decades on because it is so straight forward

“It’s just for me to finish this chapter 4, then boom I’m literally done” – my head consoled me.

But my project topic and Chapter 2 (literature review) were like:

So, This is my second day and I’m still trying to figure out how to get chapter 5 done with. How does 2hours and 2days even relate?

Apparently, my literature review was rubbish despite the over-sabi double work I did.

(link of post that I realized literature review was double)

You know when I told someone the story of how I ended up writing a 45page literature review instead of 20-25pages, the person told me that, it was nice of me and that i won’t have to stress over my chapter 5 – discussion, because it is based on whatever work I did in literature review and analysis.

Going over the literature review, I am wondering how my supervisor ever approved that kind of work.

But it’s just fine

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