24 / 12 / 2018

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s almost a month and I’ve not posted anything after I decided to be giving updates at least 3times per week. I’ve been going through some emotional stuffs plus trying to cope with school work (will find a way that this is not an excuse again…. hopefully)

I know it’s kinda strange school work isn’t much currently because of the #ASUU strike. I have just project work to complete (most of my mates are done) and exams to prepare for. No lectures, no assignments, no this, no that, yet life is still kinda hard.

Depression must be some kind of real bastard! – You just keep passing time without achieve something exactly.

Even the slightest body movement is some difficult task. Lol even to pick or make a call is some stress.

Amongst others, the lies, fears, betrayals, indecisiveness, friends turn strangers, loss of loved ones, uncertainties, being broke yet piling needs, no person to turn to, boredom of work, weakness, confusion, pain……..

Like damn! I wish someone had taught me well enough before entering into this stage of my life about joining all these things and school/work together and still be doing fine as though none of those things existed.

In all, I’m ever grateful for those friends who stick around. No, they ain’t just gonn’ leave. Even though they don’t know what exactly your problem is, they know there is a problem. Even if they can’t reduce it, they ain’t gonn’ add it. They add cushion to your life so that you walk through the problem in a little bit of comfort.

These friends are Gold.


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