25 / 12 / 2018

Hey there!

Earlier this year, looking at the year’s academic calendar, deadline for project submission was first week of November, Exams from 2nd week till ending of November, academic session to end in November, electives in December – Wow wow wow? – couldn’t ask for a better year ending ☺

I was already day dreaming of having the best Christmas and holidays I ever had since I entered Medschool. -lol? I almost made promises to loved ones about my availability this period.

I was seriously hoping for a Christmas and holiday spent with family, friends, well wishers, since there won’t be any exam in view, was looking forward to family outings, partying with friends – not that I’m a party freak but I really just wanted a break from the world of medicine and academics. I just wanted hard fun.

Events turned around and life school medicine government medschool waited patiently and decided to show up like ?.

So it all started with supervisor giving me some tough project topic, submission deadline was not going to be met and as at a week to exam I was unprepared, I was not even in the right state for anything. As though ASUU saw my predicaments, came like “babe we gatch your back darling?”. I can’t be more grateful for the miracle.

Now this saving came with a cost?? costing all my dreams, wishes and plans for a blissful Christmas and year ending?. Exams either in January or February or in a couple of years (depending on ASUU and FG), Project work at a fix, challenges at every stage??‍♀.

So I decided to stay back in school to get things right. I mean going home will mean going into so many distractions, totally abandoning project work and NO that’s not going to happen! No stopping till it’s all over and it must be over on or before 31st of December 2018.

(PS: “Over” means ready for submission to supervisor for corrections.)

So this was how I got to spent my Christmas ?

I’m not sad emotional, I mean this is preparation training for years to come…?



Merry Christmas y’all. How awesome was yours? ?

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