26 / 11 / 2018

Hey there!

The best way to start a new Week is to plan the week from Sunday afternoon / evening. I managed to follow this rule yesterday. I spent the better part of my time on instagram so this makes one of my top bucket list of to dos – to break the instagram addiction that I developed so that I won’t be sorry for myself. I spent most of my time doing a whole lot of time doing some amebo all over the place.

Yeah sometimes, it’s necessary to take a break from school work but when it becomes an everyday thing, it’s like building my own coffin.

I also intend to try to finish my project work this week. Even though it does not look like it’s possible. “Impossible” is no word because all I see is “I’m possible”.

As I achieve my goals this week, I also wish you a productive day ahead, checking out your checklists.

What are your goals this week?

Do you have addictions that you want to break too?

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