28 / 11 / 2018

Ahhh you won’t believe what my eyes saw today!?

I ran into a secondary school classmate today.?

OMG! The guy is completely made. To think that he was one of the backbenchers used to score lowest in tests and exams.?

Nigga is now a businessman was looking all successful ? and for a moment I wished God would grant unto me some super powers to be invisible. Ahhh! Shame caught me?

Nobody should come and be giving me sermons on how to be happy for people because I have not said that I am not happy for him.?

Off course I’m very happy for him and very sad for myself because past self-delusion set an ambush for an unsuspecting me.??

I am very happy for him and happy with my condition too ?

I am very happy for him and depressed proud that I chose the hard life path to save lives ?

I am very happy for him and his success and also motivated not to be a failure in my own career.??

I am very happy for him and I have chosen to define my own success.??

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