29 / 11 / 2018

So, the last 3 years has been tough for me academically. Despite all the efforts I put in it, it has been seeming like this path ain’t meant for me. ?

I can’t even remember the last time I passed a test: most likely my first year ‘cos that was the last time scores were blooming. ?

Today, I scored a little above 60% and somehow I couldn’t even remember what it feels like to pass a test. – lol ?

I was so emotionless that at some point, I was thinking the “mix up” will be detected and my “real” score would be one of the 40’s or 30’s. Olorun májè ki ìyà mö yan lara. ??

Not that 60% is too good/ excellent.Yea – I know. But from a not so good student like me, in fact the previous test before this one, I scored a little above 30%. So yes 60% is a big deal. ?

It could have been 70 or 80. There are people who scored 70 and above yen yen yen ?

Not that I scored it by luck. Really, I studied hard with the same intensity, vigor and motivation as I’ve studying over the years but with a different method. ?

If my scores get better on a steady continuously and don’t fall into the less than average “well” again, I’ll share with y’all what I’ve been doing differently lately. ?

If not, then I ain’t posting nothing ‘cos I ain’t gonn’ be misleading nobody. ?

To everyone who keeps believing in me ?

And everyone who’s wishing me well?

And my future patients ??

I remain in this struggle to keep getting better for y’all. You’re my daily motivation and inspiration. I continue with this fight so your confidence and mine in me will be optimum.

Fabulously Yours.

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