31 / 01 / 19

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So I ran into my supervisor yesterday.

You see this life, me sef will become oga one day.

I escorted one of my girlfriends to the department yesterday to submit her project (as I did not have work again).

As we got to the department, I saw my supervisor’s car right there in front of the department.

I approached the vehicle and Lo and behold! There she was – My as scarce as a hen’s tooth supervisor! – I could not believe my eyes.

I greeted her and told about the work that I have been sending everyday for like a week now and that I’ve not gotten any response from her.

Here was the reply that I got:

“I’ve been seeing your mails but I’ve not checked your work. It’s not time yet time. Just keep sending the mails everyday.”

Please when is the right time? After submission deadline?

I must be a joke to you or something.

May someone’s efforts not be wasted oo

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