So I’ve not slept more than 3-4hours a day for the past 6weeks. I’ve been struggling with project work and preparations for exams that ought to have held this week. But thank God for #ASUU strike because I am still not at all ready for this exam and even the project, I’m not even near finishing.

Last night after #ASUU announced the continuation of the ongoing strike, I decided to sleep for at least 6hours. After consuming the amala and ewedu soup with fish and pomo that I bought since 7pm (thank God for Microwave oven), I had a warm water bath which I’ve not had in like ages. It wasn’t too difficult for me to sleep off by 11pm

Only for me to wake up this morning by 5 with serious backache. Somebody cannot just take small break and rest, the body will just look for one excuse not to work again.

Whether this backache likes it or not, me I will still work today. Till the project is submitted ehn na me and you.. ..

Lemme go an look for something to put in my stomach before it will find it’s own excuse too.

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