Adamantine: how electives and project ended

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Hey Guys!

I’m so sorry for the break. I know i goofed big time from my 2019 blogging goals of 2 blog posts a week to 0 blog post for months. There were many tough times in school, had to take care of my mental health and so blogging wasn’t it. There were other times that in the midst of tight schedules, i tried to pull through for you guys with at least an update but those times my server knew it was time for so many downtimes.

So many things have happened in the past months, i can only be grateful and continue in the fight. I’ll give a summary of my elective posting and project.

So just when i was enjoying my electives, learning so much and having a great time with Dr. A, I woke up one morning to the news of ASUU calling off the strike. I’ve not even spent 1week out of my 2 weeks elective posting.

I was caught unawares big time. That was the end of elective posting for me.

Since strike was called off, I needed to mop up my project and I kept sending the corrected updated version of my project to my supervisor’s mail and asking her when she will be available to approve my hard-copy project work everyday the past 2weeks

Got no response, not even by mistake.

So I decided to go stay in front of her office the whole day, everyday.

The only reason she would not be attending to me will be if she has not been coming to work.

It was now a matter of by force. I was going to be all in her face till my project is signed.


Shey bi they have called off the strike.

Exam date had been announced and it was the next week. I was not ready.

But don’t worry, I was going to her office with my books. I was going to read while waiting.

I wasn’t going to let anyone frustrate me at my very tender age. I can’t be stressed.

The next day, I got to my supervisor’s office by 9am. Deliberately decided not to get there by 8am, so she can have a little breathing space before my disturbance shall commence.

As I got to her office, she told me to go wait outside because she was busy.

No problem as long as you sign my work before you leave this office today.

45min she came out to go to the next office to do something.

I showed my face again

Don’t you forget, I’m still here.

She went back inside her office.

11:30am I was called in

My project signed.

11:45am project hard copies submitted at the departmental office.

My joy was unexplainable.

Congrats to me.

I deserved a little treat. Maybe some pizza and Cold stone ice-cream.

But no money

Lack of money didn’t take away my joy.

It was time to give the exam undivided attention.

Hopefully the next few days were going be sufficient for preparations.

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