Journeying through phases

Hey there!

Hope you’ve been having a fantastic new year (holidays are over, I know and it’s time to work!). This is an update of what has been going on with me.

Just like I said in my end of year post, I’ve been reflecting over the past one year and previous years. Three important things I’ve learnt over the years are:

  1. TAKE records
  2. KEEP records
  3. REVIEW records

And these are the things I’ve been doing for the past few days. I’ve been evaluating my growth pattern and checking if I’m even growing at all.

Below are a few things I reminded myself of again:


Took up a successful business but kept spending profits and capital. Not a wasteful spender though. Was trying to support my parents with my school finances – important to note that they didn’t ask for any other support asides that I study hard.

Learnt the skill of rising up after a failure for the first time and has played a major role in me not being kicked out of school.


Was completely broke. Cheerful lender to borrowers who never paid back because they believed I was rich. So deep the poverty was I determined not to be that broke again.


From anxiety and desperation not to be broke again, took on new businesses, unwise business decisions Was duped from the beginning of the year through out got involved in so many businesses in the name of hustle.

Had my worst failures in exams.

Phones and Laptop stolen same day

Got into hard hustle again.


Caught an actual thief few seconds after he stole my phone. One month later had my phone stolen and couldn’t explain how.

Decided to not be engaged in any business so that, more time can be allotted to my me-time and more time for academics. Lol No me-time, I’ve never been any busier than this year, doing what exactly? Apart from Project work, I really can’t place a finger on it.

Hopes for 2019

  • Reunited with loved ones, more visits to families and true friends
  • Take good care of myself – sleep well, eat well, dress well.
  • Pass ALL my exams well – least score be 60%
  • Send Blog posts twice a week minimum.

Things to get better at

  • Being discreet.

I can so talk too much when my real Gs are around. Though not all the time but talking loudly and giving out so much information, so many details is the problem.

  • Phone call etiquettes

gush I can be so lousy on phone, one would think that I’m fight with the person on the other end

  • Not easily angered or provoked.

Staying calm in every situation. Not loosing my cool except it’s a matter of life and death. I need to learn to give the best response to people and best reaction to situations.

  • Shunning and stopping distractions when at work.

lol I could I ever leave that out??ā€ā™€. (Check my end of year post).

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