Tola was particularly sluggish (as usual any way) as she walked down the aisle heading towards the theatre with Bola and Folu. It was another theatre day for Tola and her colleagues.
There were so many relatives and relations of patients just in front of the theatre. Fear, Pain and Anguish clearly on their faces as some were praying, some singing and dancing and others sitting by.
“Fear is a devastating thing”, Bolu said as she takes a sip from her bottle of cold water.
“As in it makes people do things they never thought they could do”, Fola added.
“But really, there is no point for all these”, Bolu continued as she pointed towards the relations that were saying words of prayers and singing. “The patients have already been booked for surgery. They are already in the theatre. There is nothing God can do again. There is no miracle that can happen again. “

What?!?! Did you hear that? I mean did you just read that?
How did she manage to say that?
No! Just how could she?
Having a successful operation is a miracle;
waking up from anaesthesia is a miracle (at least in this part of the world);
recovery from an operation is a miracle;
wound healing and not breaking down is a miracle;
not having complication(s) is a miracle;

Living is a miracle.

Miracles happen every moment and everyday.
Miracles do happen and I believe in Miracles.

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