The Scar

…beauty in excrescence….

Tella came to my clinic last week looking so worried. It was rather unusual of her. Ever since she recovered from Coma till her discharge from my facility, she was always a happy and thankful young lady.

At this point, let’s have a brief history.
Tella is a 24 year old student. She was on her way to a vacation with Brian (her boyfriend) and two other friends when they ran into highway robbers. Brian who was driving the car decided not to pull up the car. In the haul to escape, a fatal accident occurred. Everyone was certified dead but somehow, Tella had some faint breathing movements. That was how she landed under my care with several injuries. All through her stay in the hospital, receiving treatments, she was optimistic, friendly, full of hope and life.

Now it’s been 18months after her discharge and wounds are healed, what in the world could make Tella so worried and sad?


The Scar is that mark that remains after an injury or wound heals. You know after an opposition comes against your body to bring it down, then your body says “No! I’m fighting back”. Scar is that mark your body leaves behind saying “Hey there, I won the battle.”
Scars are unsightly – only in the eyes of the myopic. Scars are ugly – only in the eyes of one who can’t see beyond the surface. Tella had come to me to refer her to a specialist, dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, just any specialist that is able to help get rid of the scars that have been a constant reminder of how ugly she has become, scars that keep giving her shame and low self-esteem, nasty marks that have made her a lower being, tormenting scars that remind her of the evil day her lover and friends were snatched away in cold blood.


But Looking closely at Tella, I saw blessings trying so hard to disguise. Screw it all up Tella, you could have died with dreams, future and ambitions shattered, but No! You hung on. Your body refused to give up.
To every other Tella out there, you could have died. Something else could have gone wrong. But you survived that fire accident. You made it through that operation! Wow Congrats! Something could have gone wrong with the wound. Hey Woman! your breast(s) was removed, so you were left with a straight line mark(s) on your chest indicating that you could have been history because of that breast cancer. Mother of 3, yes you! Those stretch marks don’t disfigure your stomach (abdomen actually). Take a good look at those lovely creatures that came out of you and just sit back to give some accolades to your body – This is beauty in excrescence.

In drawing the curtains, let your scars be to you a reminder of how indestructible, how invincible you are. Let it be a constant reminder of your immortality.

My resolution is this –
“My Scar is the mark of how I overcame”
“My Scar is the sign of my Victory”.

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