03 / 02 / 19

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Guess who’s excited!

So I’m starting my electives tomorrow 💃🏽💃🏽

First of all, God has been so gracious to me since last year. I really can’t explain it

Like seriously?! a slow person like me can see the end of project near, go for electives while also preparing for exams.

For those who have not been following ⤵️

Late last year, just about a week to my 5th year exam and my whole life was in a mess, I was almost shattered.

I was not ready for the exam, because from the beginning of the class I made a decision that my project must be completed in time. Project took most all of my time, such that I didn’t realise exams were around already, yet I was still not half way done with project and deadline for submission was the end of that week…… Ain’t that some crazy stuff😰😥

By no means, it was going to be a very tough mountain to surmount or I get to repeat the class by choice or not, or the very end of my academics.

Few days to my exams, while still working on the project, I came up with a schedule to spend the next few days to cramming/crash read – that I really hate to do.

But then strike came and turned the tables around.

Even though I’m not done with my project, but I’m almost done, just a little corrections and then approval and then signature and then baaang!!! Project will be just over.

Even if this elective is going to be for just 1 or 2 weeks I’m so sure it’s going to be worthwhile.

A few stories from the hospital loading…. 😜

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