04 / 02 / 19

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Hey there!

So I started my electives today at a private hospital very close to my school…

I got there 9am as a responsible student (for crying out loud it’s my first day at work there – at least allow me to appear as one ….. even if it’s for today…)

Immediately, the chief matron welcomed us (my colleague and I), introduced us to the other nursing staffs around….. such beautiful souls 💆🏻‍♀. The nurses from night shift were handing over to the nurses for the morning shift in a small seminar room, discussing each case in the ward, so my colleague and I waited to get briefings concerning the patients .

There was a particular patient that has been documented to receive stitches to close her wound when it stops bringing out pus. It was then that one of the matrons said “why is the doctor interested in stitching that wound? Is he not supposed to leave it so that it will granulate and heal with our daily dressings? After all the wound has stopped producing pus.”

“this nurse-doctor fight or better still, doctor vs other health workers fight is everywhere sha, not only in my school, like we are just a few minutes old here already” – this was what was going on in my head.

Well at this point, my colleague and I have not seen the patient or the wound, we don’t even know what kind of wound it is. Seeing that most of the nursing staffs were elderly👵🏻, meaning they would have had years of experience, there were 9nurses and all agreed in synchronicity that the wound ought to be left without stitching it, 9nurses against 1doctor’s decision.

“was the doctor high on something, why will he want to stitch a wound when it is not necessary? Is he that jobless?, or may be they don’t have as many patients”

“maybe the doctor does not know so much, after all, I always hear about incompetent doctors plenty in private hospitals.”

All these were running through my head. Like literally, there I ditched the one who was going to be my driver through the world of clinical medicine for the next few weeks. Like for real, based on some nurses discredits, I already formed a bad impression about a senior colleague whom I’ve neither met nor heard his own explanation. Shame. 😢

Fast forward ➡️

Met Dr A(name withheld), in the consultation room. He was attending to the outpatients before starting his ward rounds. It didn’t take so long for me to develop so much fondness for him Dr A already. His sense of humor, sarcasms, relationship with patients; all so wonderful, plus he is very snappy – no time to waste. Amazing Doctor.

Fast forward ➡️

We were almost done with ward round when we saw the last patient. Pretty young lady 💆🏽‍♀. She birthed her baby through a cesarean section. The surgical site got infected badly and brought out pus – does that sound familiar?

Yes! -same patient the nurses mentioned when they were handing over from Night shift to Morning shift, same patient the matrons said did not require her wound be stitched, same patient with whom I initially formed a negative impression about Dr A! – So here she is!

The wound was round and on the lower part of her abdomen, a little bit above the CS scar. The wound was opened! I nearly jumped out of my own skin letting a gasp out!

Just standing from a distance, it’s obvious that if the wound is not properly taken care of, it could cause a fistula.

The piles of guaze bandage that were stuffed into it were removed, and the depth of the wound was very clear – there was no way the wound could heal on its own! Like tell me how! She stood a great chance of being getting infected again, she was at high risk of sepsis.

The way the events unfolded showed to me how quick I was to judge Dr. A and that was totally unfair.

I’m sorry Dr. A

Altogether, the day was interesting, I am excited to spend 1month here if the strike persists. But beyond the clinical skills that I learnt and will still be learning, I learnt a vital life lesson – NEVER JUDGE PEOPLE, MATTERS, SITUATIONS BASED ON A ONE SIDED STORY/FACT/EVIDENCE. Hear from the other party, there is always an other side, because whatever faces you is turning its back to someone else and whatever turns its back to you is facing someone else.

Something to think about.

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