27 / 11 / 18

Hey there!

For weeks now, the thought of how I can be an “over-sabi” has not stopped haunting me. ?

Yes it’s still about my project work.? Literature review that took people just a few days or at most 2-3weeks to complete took me about 6weeks with serious diligence and I had to sacrifice sleep, hanging out with family and friends. Like I totally had no life for those 6weeks. For a 20-25 pages write-up, life was really difficult for me. ?

Finally, I was done. My joy new no bounds, for the burden has been lifted (so I thought). Waited for about a week before getting response from my supervisor.

“after all my labour, why so many corrections?” – I thought to my self.

Just as I was wondering, I realized the file that my supervisor sent back to me was 45 pages.

“45 pages? How come? But my work was 25 pages”

So I decide to check the file that she sent to me side by side with my work on my laptop and guess what!

Double spacing!!!!

Just allow me to cry for a moment ??

I actually did double of what was required and expected ?

Just that one mistake ignorance of using single spacing instead of double spacing made me suffer so badly.

I found it difficult to forgive my ignorance and also my hard working “over-sabi” brain for putting me through so much stress.

Until this morning I met another over-sabi fellow like me??. His own was even 60pages after double spacing. Sharp sharp I forgave myself and reminded myself of lessons that I’ve been learning on the journey so far.

1⃣ – You’re not the only one getting it wrong.

2⃣ – It’s ok to always seek for help, because you’re never meant to do it all alone.

3⃣ – It’s ok to feel sad sometimes.

4⃣ – Forgive yourself and move on.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

What other lessons do you think I should also learn?

Please go to the comment section or send me a mail at admin@fabulousmedic.com

I really want to know.

Fabulously yours.

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