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A wonder why medschool gets a little tough
Horrible incourse scores, screwed up plans.
So what has been up so far…….
Resumed 2nd year with so much hope to get better (well like everyone else)…. With so much vibe and putting all aggression on studying, staying with books like thrice how long I used to, intending to go over all topics at least twice before an incourse assessment (good plan, yeah?) ……. but yet ending up with less than a quarter of the topics covered not even once not to talk of twice. Crashing every incourse eve with a bottle of coke and coffee through the night straight into the hall still trying to get every bit of info necessary – mehn the struggle is real.
Scores rolling in, all well expected except one. There will always be that one score that is least expected, biting your least possible imagination. That one score that makes you feel like asking for your script back and standing right beside the examiner for a review. That one exam you were so sure you gave it your all but then something you cannot really understand went so wrong to fetch you that horrible score.
Well things don’t always go smoothly, life continues, med school continues, nobody really cares (except off-course me), so I’d just move on.
If there’s anything I’ve learnt at all here, is how to move on very fast (that serves an important role in surviving the heartaches that are thrown at you). Well not just moving on alone (if you still want to remain in school) but moving on with better plans of not allowing such occurrences again at least and better plans on how to get better still.
I still have much hope.
Life in Med school will get better.
Scores will get better.
Things will be better.
Life itself will be better.

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