The Blight: Community Health Examination

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So it was a few days to community health exams and I was so calm. I don’t know if the feeling of calmness was from the successful end of my project or the feeling that I’ve read most of the lecture notes before (although a long time ago) or because my study buddy and I have gone far in our problem solving questions. I was not done with all my studying (as if anyone ever gets “done” with studying), but there was this level of confidence I had for this exam, I almost have not had in years.

The exams came and it was šŸ¤­ -the essays, the multiple choice questions and even the OSCE.

But like the nature of every exam, there will be one part that will want to make you feel stupid, feel like an idiot, feel like a failure or just feel like crying. Two stations in the OSCE made me feel this way.

The first station – I got so overwhelmed at the enormity of the question to be answered in a short period of time that I forgot to write my matriculation number on my answer sheet.

The second station – It was a CPR station. When I sighted the station from a distance, my Joy knew no bounds. Why? – Because I had practiced that stuff a hundred and ninety nine times on my bed, my pillow, my roommates, my classmates, my study buddy, my friends, my friends’ friends

But when I got to the station, ahhh! it was a different story entirely šŸ˜­. The mannequin was placed on a stool – a stool too tall for me.

I mean not all the students are as tall as the redwoods, some of us are dogwoods šŸ˜©

So when it was time for chest compressions i struggled. I was jumping and sweating, sweating and jumping. Chest refused to move. I really struggled. I struggled.

After the exams, i sat down to think about the traumatizing experience. Never in my life has my height disgraced me that much (or maybe my level of unintelligence disgraced šŸ¤”). CPR is very important either in a life-threatening situation or in future exams. I decided that next time I’ll be doing CPR, if I’m not comfortable, I’ll simply put the patient or mannequin on the floor – at least i will always be taller than the flooršŸ™„

My only prayers after the exams was that those 2 stations that i fumbled big time should not be a cause of bad luck. I really wanted to for once pass an exam. No resit exam please God.

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